Friday, 28 August 2015

Gaming the future of education

Why Gaming Could Be the Future of Education

Video games could transform education.
Videogames have great positive potential in addition to their entertainment value and there has been considerable success when games are designed to address a specific problem or to teach a certain skill.

Playing computer games (irrespective of genre) produces reductions in reaction times, improved hand-eye co-ordination and raises players’ self-esteem. What’s more, curiosity, fun and the nature of the challenge also appear to add to a game’s educational potential.

Further generates or boost up our intelligence, intellectual level ,make our mind more innovative .Most important 3-i's in this fast growing world.

My own experience  as a gamer gave me all the skills  and and tought me how to slove problems with meaningful experience in gaming should be added as a part of
co curricular activities.

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